We are a research group investigating microbial interactions and the carbon cycle in aquatic environments. We are hosted by the ICBM at Oldenburg University. We are also affiliated to Stockholm University and SciLifeLab.

In our research group, we want to do cutting-edge scientific discoveries while prioritising the well-being of all of our researchers and students. Mental health is fundamental!

To understand microorganisms in aquatic environments we use cultivation and cultivation-independent techniques. Cultivation-independent techniques include holistic approaches, such as shotgun sequencing – full community analysis of environmental samples, as well as reductionist approaches, such as single-cell genomics. These methodologies have greatly contributed to our current understanding about indispensable microbial functions and their immense diversity. With our research, we have integrated these holistic and reductionist strategies, and leveraged an intermediate approach. The intermediate approach resulting from the combination of dilution cultivation (aka model communities) and “omics” approaches.

By methods integration we are addressing novel ecological questions about microbial interactions.